Tania Gherardi Photography


Paris, Rome, Naples;
A performance collaboration, a book, a crowdfunding campaign and two exhibitions, so far so good (but always curious and motivated for new opportunities)!


Anida Yoeu Ali

Collaboration, Paris - April 2015
"The Red Chador - What do you fear?"   

"The Red Chador provokes the question, “What do you fear?” The interdisciplinary exhibit explores artist, scholar, and global agitator Anida Yoeu Ali’s thematic interest in using religious aesthetics to provoke ideas of otherness."
For a whole day, the streets of Paris became our set for a little social study as I, along with two other photographers, followed The Red Chador around the city to capture people's (non)reactions to her aura. 




Anticafé Roma

Exhibit, Rome - July 2016
Through My Eyes

I had the pleasure to organize my very first photo exhibition at the Anticafé Roma right after my move from Paris to Rome. This was my first occasion to print out my work and have the privilege to observe people interact with my work.



Photography book - March 2017
Globetrotting Energy Capturer

After just over 7 years of roaming and snapping pictures of these intricate details, I decided last March to work on a project that would allow me to hone my vision. More precisely, I wanted to create something both visual and manual to share with as many of you as possible: a book, but not just any...
I decided to create a book whose concept, and details, will take its readers on an energy voyage as they go from one page and picture to the next.
Globetrotting Energy Capturer is composed of removable pages in order to offer readers a starting itinerary (imagined by yours truly) and to allow them to then create their very own journey. This also means that each picture featured in the book can be removed and transformed into a limited edition print to decorate your walls.


Typo Around Creation

Exhibit, Naples - May 2017
Globetrotting Energy Capturer

Those who know me know I've had a true coup de coeur for Naples, a city whose energy has been an never ending or disappointing source of inspiration.
On the occasion of Cortili Aperti (Open Courtyards day) and Restaurant Day  - THE FOOD CARNIVAL I had the very exciting opportunity to expose 6 of my pictures... printed in 100x180 format; the bigger the better, right?!


Voci di Roma (Voices of Rome)

Collective Exhibit, Roma  - October 2017
Digital photography - "As she Is"

"Roma è un deserto (...) ma il più bello, il più sublime, il più affascinante che io abbia mai visto (...) quando essa finalmente si mette a parlare a un uomo, egli vi trova il mondo intero (...) Roma è il simbolo della caducità delle cose e dell’unità del mondo (...) qui per la prima volta, in feconda solitudine, si districano nitide e come le forme del mondo."
W. Von Humboldt, 1802-1805